Friday, January 14, 2011

Flashback Friday

 LOVED wearing these 80's laces with my white K-Swiss.

My mom made these barrettes for me in every color combo.  
Wish I still had them!

Leg warmers and old school Nikes!

One of my 4th grade students was reading Scholastic's Book of World Records, and he screamed, "Oh my gosh, Mrs. Young!  Look at Michael Jackson when he was younger!!!"   It was actually a photo of Prince in the 80's. Literally made me laugh out loud for a while.  He just looked at me very confused since he had never heard of or seen this Prince character. I adore my students.  So honest, not jaded, carefree, and sincere.   

Ahhhh Prince - the 1984 film, Purple Rain and the soundtrack.  

And of course, Apollonia...
Take Me With U

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