Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hottie Hairstylist Jonathan Antin

How much do you pay for a cut?  I've been a sucker for stylists at Jose Eber, Umberto, & the Chris McMillan Salon, but no stylist has been able to cut like Jonathan Antin.  After watching Bravo's "Blow Out," I fell in love with Jonathan's HOT signature cut.  More than anything, I that he loves LONG hair!!  There's nothing worse than going to get a cut and leaving in tears because you've had too much chopped off! WTH???  I feel like I spend so much of my life growing out bad cuts!  I am dying to be babed out by none other than Jonathan Antin, the king of hair! 

Mr. Antin, when are you going to help this teacher out?


  1. Sending you positive vibes that you get your babe out from the man himself!!